Applications – Epoxy Patio Coatings

Outdoor Patio Epoxy Coatings

If you’re looking to add real curb appeal to your home or business, create a more functional space while protecting your concrete investment from damage to salt and elements then allow our team to create a PERFECT SURFACE for you.

Exterior concrete surfaces if left unprotected the exposure from our climate, salt and daily wear and tear will soon leave you with a pitted, stained and unsightly concrete surface. Whether you have a front entrance, a concrete walkway, outdoor porch, patio or pool surface our concrete specialists have a surface solution to protect your concrete from the elements while adding that custom look and curb appeal to you home or business front.

Our epoxy coatings can transform your outdoor patio or walkways into a stunning space you’ll be wanting to show off at your next gathering. Concrete Surfaces uses porch and patio epoxy flooring , and advanced coating products to give you the protection you need from Ontario climates. Epoxy patios are stylish, beautiful, durable and free of all surface imperfections.

Getting outdoor epoxy coatings for your patios or porches can improve any establishment:

  • Enhance the look of any front entrance, concrete walkway, outdoor porch, patio or pool surface
  • Anti-slip additives can ensure safety for your family around the pool or decking area
  • Enjoy life more with a new stylish and beautiful outdoor patio space
  • Get the extra durability of outdoor epoxy that is low maintenance and easy to clean

and more.

Outdoor epoxy patios is a durable concrete solution, Get a quote from us today.

Epoxy Surface Benefits

Permanent Concrete Sealer


Anti-Slip Finish

Custom Colours and Surfaces

UV Protection

Stain Resistant

Chemical Resistant


Custom Finishes with no Added Fees

Why Coat Your Outdoor Surfaces with Epoxy?

Using epoxy floor coatings on your outdoor patio means that they are not only more durable but that they can withstand even the harshest weather conditions, including constant exposure to weather and harsh Ontario winters. 

Whether it is UV exposure or oil spills, exposure to cold temperatures or contact with chemicals, epoxy flooring has high resistance to all these things. These outdoor epoxy coatings are highly damage proof and stand the test of time.

Epoxy patio coatings are not just a durable flooring choice, but they are also free of high upfront cost, such as those related to other outdoor options that would require a complete replacement of concrete. We can refinish and polish any concrete work into a work of art with our coatings and variety of designs.

The use of quality outdoor epoxy coatings such as our industrial products are known for its strong epoxy bonds. This ensures that your concrete patios and concrete walkways are always highly resistant to anything you can through at them. In other words, it is a promise, that you can safely say goodbye to cracks and other damage to your outdoor patio or walkway.

With this type of concrete epoxy coatings that are specifically engineered for outdoor spaces, the outdoor surface is dirt and grime resistant. Thanks to that protective layer, cleaning your patio space becomes less of a chore with easy maintenance.

More On Patio Epoxy & Outdoor Spaces…

Outdoor epoxy is a versatile coating that comes in customizable color options, just like any type of paint. This means that you can get your concrete floor surface done in your favorite colors or to match your home. You can imagine glossy surfaces, with an anti slip surface, that is both durable and long lasting. We can make it a reality with epoxy. Epoxy works perfectly well with concrete surfaces, and will enhance the look of your home.

 Not only do epoxy floors come in several color options and additive options, thanks to decorative color chips (flakes), you can also go beyond any solid color, and add something special. The same goes for the finish, there are many to choose from. American Concrete Surfaces offers glossy, semi-gloss, matte and pearl-like finish options.  

So if you have a patio renovation plan and a picture in your mind, chat with us for a quote on the best durable outdoor epoxy coatings for your living space. Whether it is  walkways or an entire patio space, we have flooring solutions and coatings that work with your personal preferences. With our experience, we provide affordable options for outdoor epoxy coatings, exterior applications that can withstand even the harshest Ontario environments.