Applications – Epoxy For Greenhouses

Epoxy Flooring for Greenhouses & Indoor Farms

Customize your agricultural flooring,  to enhance work environments and create a more functional space while cutting yearly maintenance and cleaning costs. No matter which farming industry your in, we will have a viable option to meet and exceed all expectations creating a PERFECT FLOOR for your facility.

  • Greenhouses
  • Vertical Farming
  • Cannabis Indoor Grow
  • Warehouses & Logistics
  • Packinghouses

Concrete Surfaces understands the high demand and requirements of the greenhouse, cannabis, agriculture and warehouse facilities here in Ontario, Canada. Protection, performance and functionality are key elements of the flooring systems used in these types of environments.

Epoxy Surface Benefits

Cuts Maintenance and Cleaning Cost

Seals and Protects Concrete

Food Grade Finishes


Slip Resistant


Chemical Resistant


Wear Resistant

Customize For Specific Requirements

Custom Colours and Finishes

Creates a Positive Work Environment

Enhances Living

Benefits of Greenhouse Epoxy Flooring

Did you know that fixing your floor can help your commercial greenhouse and indoor farm help to grow better quality crops at optimal yields? Yes, it does seem far-fetched, but this link between epoxy greenhouse flooring and crop output is not a myth. There are numerous benefits of epoxy flooring that go over and above leveling floor imperfections, such as:

  • providing better lighting (both natural and artificial light) and adequate light intensity in your growing spaces
  • minimizing pathogen growth in floor crevices and lines
  • Non porous floors make it easier to clean spills and rotting plant material
  • Epoxy flooring allows for complete drainage in all areas
  • The flooring can be enhanced with additives such as membranes anti-microbial flooring
  • Other complementary products can be added to help workers stay safe

Epoxy Flooring For Indoor Cannabis Operations

Epoxy floor Installation thus improves product quality in agricultural products. This is especially true for cannabis cultivators in art cannabis facilities. Incorporating commercial epoxy floors in cannabis greenhouse design goes a long way in improving cannabis operations for cannabis cultivators. Epoxy floor solutions are perfect for such controlled environment agriculture needs.

Hit us up today for a custom quote on epoxy-coated concrete floors for your growing operations. As greenhouse flooring materials go, epoxy floors are perfect for indoor farms and greenhouses.