Applications – Basement Epoxy

Basement Epoxy Flooring

Our epoxy basement flooring options are an alternative to bare concrete to create a clean, easy to maintain, indestructible floor capable of adding functional beauty to your basement living area.

Concrete Surfaces provides a wide range of epoxy coating options and finishes suitable for residential basements. Unlike traditional floors we can create a seamless, attractive floor customized to your design and esthetic needs with literally thousands of options.

Did you know that epoxy floor solutions is a popular choice for many basement floors in Ontario?

Epoxy basements floors have the benefit of:

  • moisture and water resistant
  • strong enough to sustain scratches
  • non-porous and easy to clean
  • stain, chemical and abrasion-resistant
  • available in various color and finish choices

and more.

Epoxy floor coating for basements is your best option if you are looking for durable floors that last a long time, no matter how old your current basement is. Getting epoxy installation services done with industrial-grade quality ensures that the epoxy protects your floor from moisture damage. Basements are common places for damp environments or sometimes flooding. Protect your home and concrete floors, with epoxy coatings layered on top of your basement floors at a fair price and worry less.

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Epoxy Surface Benefits

Basement Water/Flood Issues will not Damage Floor

Mold/Mildew Resistant


Vapor Barrier

Enhances Lighting (Reflective of Light)

Zero Maintenance



Extremely Durable

Customized for Customers Decor/Colours

Waterproof Flooring

Why Choose Concrete Surfaces to Apply Epoxy to Your Basement Floor?

Thanks to the many benefits of epoxy and the easy availability of basement epoxy floor kits, there is a common misconception out there that epoxy application is an easy DIY project for homeowners. But being an experienced epoxy basement floor company we know the years of knowledge it takes to get it right and enhance your concrete basement floors.

From epoxy coatings and additive choices and the ability to properly level the concrete floor before application, getting the floor prepared is an art form. Even filling any cracks or irregularities before work, can be very time consuming. Concrete Surfaces has both a world-class project gallery and positive customer reviews. 

If your in need of residential epoxy basement floors call us first. We have you covered for epoxy that lasts, and professional work that you can be proud of.

Concrete Surfaces is a seasoned contractor for residential basements. Unlike traditional floors, our basement epoxy flooring system creates a seamless, attractive floor customized to your design and needs, with literally thousands of colored epoxy floor options.

Benefits of Basement Floor Epoxy Coatings

Basement epoxy flooring comes with many benefits for homeowners:

  • Epoxy floor coatings can be applied to concrete surfaces for any basement renovation project with lower costs than other flooring options.
  • Today, residential epoxy basement projects are done with industrial-grade epoxy, so you can be sure of the durability.
  • Epoxy comes in a wide range of colors, flake additives and beautiful finishes. So depending on your choice of finish gloss and color you can completely change the look and feel of your basement.
  • Many homeowners use basements for storage, and epoxy floor coatings are very hard and have a high scratch resistance.
  • No matter what type of gloss or color you choose, epoxy basement floor coating rarely fades over time.
  • Epoxy coating products coat your porous surfaces and prevent them from staining due to oils and other spills.
  • Completely safeguard your basement from expensive repairs or cleaning fees.
  • Basement epoxy floor cost depends on the square footage of space to cover. The longevity provides you with a better return on investment.
  • Worthwhile when compared to other basement flooring options.
  • Epoxy basements are a popular option for homeowners that deal with flash floods or often have moisture issues in the basement.