Applications – Industrial Surfaces

Industrial Polished Concrete

Industrial polished concrete is an attractive, cost-efficient way to upgrade the floors in your lobby or industrial facility. Customize your factory or workplace with enhanced durability while giving your workers a functional work space floor.  Cut down on yearly maintenance and cleaning costs. Here’s an overview of its benefits:

  • Aesthetic Look
  • Durability
  • Cost-effective
  • Saftey
  • Cleanliness

Industrial flooring solutions provide that perfect floor surface to protect, perform and enhance any workspace. Each industry sector requires different flooring surfaces to carry out the specific daily production of work tasks.

Our team will meet with contractors, building owners, and facility managers to discuss specific requirements for the industrial polished concrete flooring installation and then choose a cost-effective flooring option that will meet your requirements. So if your industrial space is suffering from dull, worn-out flooring, talk to one of our flooring contractors for a polished concrete quote.

Polished Concrete Benefits

Cuts Maintenance and Cleaning Cost

Seals and Protects Concrete

Food Grade Finishes


Slip Resistant


Chemical Resistant


Wear Resistant

Customize For Specific Requirements

Custom Colours and Finishes

Creates a Positive Work Environment

Enhances Living

Applications for Polished Concrete Flooring

Though concrete floor solutions are versatile enough for other uses too, they are perfect for industrial floors and large manufacturing environments. They give these industries the opportunity to get beautiful floors without having to go for expensive costs of complete concrete replacement. Often times, resurfacing, leveling and epoxy coatings are enough. In comparison to other types of flooring, polished concrete flooring projects are a cost-effective industrial flooring option that finds it way in…

  • Large manufacturing facilities
  • CNC machining industries
  • Automotive assembly plants
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Food & beverage industries

and more.

Benefits of Polished Concrete

Contrary to what the simplistic name implies, polished concrete is not just about applying surface polish or a new floor coating to the floor.  As concrete polishing contractors will tell you, the 10-step concrete polishing process is similar to granite polishing. Polished concrete on industrial floors involves finely grinding down the concrete surface to ensure a glossy, smooth surface. The polished concrete finish is denser and harder and that’s what makes dry concrete polishing so effective on the untreated concrete slabs that make industrial floors. It is also more resistant to chemical spills and offers superior protection against things such as

  • tire marks and heavy equipment markings
  • layer of dust (airborne dust)
  • exposure to corrosive chemicals
  • Impact damage from falling objects

Talk to us today to understand which floor systems work best for your industry floor needs and get a fair quote on concrete polishing services. We offer industrial concrete coating surfaces as a durable floor where heavy foot traffic or heavy equipment can take a toll on your flooring.