Concrete Resurfacing Contractors (and What They Do)

Concrete Resurfacing Contractors (and What They Do)

Concrete Resurfacing Contractors

Many of our customers have a basement, concrete driveway, pool deck, or garage floor that needs concrete crack repair or concrete resurfacing. When researching how to fix this problem, you probably encountered at least one concrete resurfacing contractor or company. Maybe you wondered what their job entails and if they can handle your surface repair issue. This article will tell you all you need to know about what concrete resurfacing contractors do.

What Is Concrete Resurfacing?

As per, concrete resurfacing involves pouring a new layer of concrete over an old one. It is a common, cost-effective type of concrete repair and usually involves concrete leveling. Fancier concrete overlays may involve epoxy coating applications, allowing for more durability and complex designs.

There are several common reasons for resurfacing:
  • Update the aesthetic of your floor, concrete steps, or concrete driveway.
  • Cover up surface features such as splatters of paint, coloured stains, or minor damage.
  • Enhance the durability of concrete surfaces.
Concrete resurfacing also has a lower average cost than full concrete replacement. It is just a new layer of concrete. If you attempt to resurface on your own, you will have to do all the concrete leveling, measuring the square feet slab, and gathering resurfacing materials and tools yourself. You may also need acid for prep and a self-levelling concrete overlay.
If your basement, garage, or asphalt driveway is a candidate for resurfacing, consult a professional concrete contractor. They will tell you what concrete resurfacing options will make your concrete garage floor as good as new. The intricate designs usually last 10–15 years before needing repairs.

What Is the Difference Between Resurfacing VS Refinishing Concrete?

While looking up the best way to repair a concrete driveway, you may have found information on resurfacing and refinishing. Both of them seek to repair surface damage. So what are the differences between these cement-based overlays, and which one is better for your surface problem?
The simple answer is that one is more thorough than the other. As a general rule, refinishing is for minor visual modifications while resurfacing is more like a complete surface renewal. Both of these concrete repair projects improve the look of exterior surfaces. Think of refinishing as a touch-up and resurfacing plus a layer of epoxy coating as a makeover.
concrete resurfacing with epoxy overlay
But neither type of resurfacing will fix major flaws in a concrete slab. Both refinishing and resurfacing cover minor damage only. Things like heavy foot traffic can turn a minor crack into a big problem. A layer of cement will not last unless there is a stable foundation.

If you resurface your concrete with epoxy coatings, the world is your oyster. You can turn your concrete basement floor slab into a room with elaborate designs on its floor. With a wide range of pattern options and decorative designs, you can turn a basic concrete overlay into something special. The epoxy will also give it a chemical-resistant surface.

Should I Repair, Replace, or Resurface my Concrete Garage, Patio, or Pool Deck?

Resurfacing can cover minor cracks and give concrete surfaces a new look. However, the upgrade is not skin-deep; concrete coatings will not fix structural problems. Likewise, refinishing is largely superficial and will not fix larger cracks in your concrete floors. Neither refinishing nor resurfacing is a viable option versus an actual repair.

Even if you opt for the more potent resurfacing, epoxy coatings need a level surface. Inadequate surface preparation could wreck your concrete slab floor further. If there is an unstable foundation or angular surface even the best layer of cement will not hold.

Ask your epoxy contractor if it is worth repairing or replacing things like concrete steps. According to UrDesignMag, factors such as age and wear greatly affect whether you will need a repair or replacement. Only concrete resurfacing companies can tell you for sure.

If your concrete surfaces have anything beyond minor damage, it is probably better to repair or replace your concrete. Neither refinishing nor resurfacing will fix active cracks. Your concrete crack repair project will need a stable foundation.

How Much Does It Cost to Resurface Concrete with Epoxy?

After all of this, you may wonder: how much does an epoxy concrete resurfacing project cost? Given current concrete prices, the average cost of an epoxy garage resurfacing is between 2,000 and 4,000 CAD. Basic overlays cost less than decorative concrete jobs. The average cost is still less than an entirely new concrete slab.

Please let us know the measurements of your concrete slab for a more accurate quote on concrete driveway resurfacing, indoor floors, concrete walls, slab foundations, concrete pool deck resurfacing, or any other concrete- or epoxy-related task. We offer competitive prices and have experience with concrete substrates and commercial applications.

Looking for the Best Windsor Concrete Resurfacing Epoxy Flooring Company?

We are among the best concrete resurfacing companies in the Windsor area. Check out our website for our previous projects, average costs, and more information about the resurfacing process. Let us know the square feet required for your project so that we can give you a competitive price.

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