The Benefits

Seamless Surface

Provides a smooth seamless surface that blocks dirt, grime, and bacteria from building up. Perfect for home owners and facilities looking for an easy to clean, hygienic space.


Our floor surfaces are non-porous which provides you with not only a finished floor look, but the most permanently sealed surface possible.

Highly Customizable

Our flooring surfaces come in a large array of colors, textures, shapes and sizes easily customized specifically for each and every customer.

Hard Wearing

We provide some of the longest lasting, durable floor surfaces there are on the market. From foot traffic to lift truck traffic our finishes can withstand it all.

Chemical Resistance

Properly installed concrete flooring surfaces will prevent many harmful solvents, acids, alkali’s, and other compounds from absorbing into the concrete.

Anti-Slip Textures

Add any texture to your floor surface to suit your flooring needs.