6 Things to Ask Your Garage Floor Coating Company

6 Things to Ask Your Garage Floor Coating Company

Garage Floor Coating Company
You may have seen some amazing epoxy garage floor coatings online. Maybe beautiful garage floors with embedded designs or logos that made you go Wow!  Maybe you just want an extra layer of protection over your concrete floors. But before you call any floor coating installation service, there are some questions you should ask your epoxy concrete contractor.

1. How Durable Will Your Garage Floor Coating Be?

A durable finish is a primary reason people want garage epoxy coatings for their concrete surfaces. And rightfully so—epoxy floors are almost diamond-hard and resistant to most chemical spills. They can handle a surprising amount of weight, are moisture-resistant, and are excellent for shop floors. A good epoxy floor will take years to show any indentation or rub off on your car tires.

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However, there are two things to keep in mind when considering a garage floor coating company for your epoxy floor. The first is that no matter what other considerations you make, an epoxy floor is durable but not flexible. If the ground your cement floor is on isn’t very stable, it will break sooner rather than later. Garage floor epoxy coatings aren’t for everyone. Your epoxy garage flooring contractor will tell you if your foundation is in good shape or not.

The other major thing to consider is that some chemicals can damage your epoxy garage floor. Although epoxy has a lot of chemical resistance, avoid using very abrasive cleaners on epoxy that has a lot of flakes or other designs.

2. What is the Lifespan of Garage Floor Coatings?

Depending on wear, foot traffic, and other potential risks such as UV damage, your garage epoxy flooring should last anywhere from 2–10 years. Our professional house reviews team will give you an estimate based on your climate and what your garage will be used for.

3. What Type of Warranty Can I Expect on the Flooring?

Many epoxy flooring companies offer a warranty for your garage floor. This varies by manufacturer, but, for example, some manufacturers offer a 24-month (2-year) warranty. During that time, the company offers services like free repair. If you can get a lifetime warranty on your epoxy floor, you cannot get any better than that!

4. Who Is Your Epoxy Manufacturer or Supplier?

There are many types of garage floor coating products on the market. Some of them have different properties, such as curing time, toxicity, or environmental-friendliness. They should also be free of volatile organic compounds (“VOCs”) that harm the environment—and you! Ask the professional team about what

Here are three of the most common brands of epoxy used by the garage floor coating industry, with a summary of their coating benefits and drawbacks:

  • Rust-Oleum—Rust-Oleum makes several different varieties of garage floor finishes. Some of them have different requirements; for example, Rust-Oleum’s EpoxyShield should not be used on garage flooring that may have signs of moisture or other stability problems.
  • Colored Epoxies—A go-to for many professionals, the appeal is in the name: Colored Epoxies has a huge colour selection to choose from! Housegrail.com also reports that it’s 20x harder than other brands. However, it dries very slowly in areas with high humidity.
  • Restore-A-Garage—Although not as big a name as Rust-Oleum or Colored Epoxies, Restore-A-Garage is designed for garage repair. Its water-based formula is ideal for climates with freeze-thaw cycles.

These brands can should be used for DIY epoxy floor coatings ONLY, as seen on BYOT. However, due to the hazards of applying epoxy onto concrete floor surfaces, as well as issues such as poor flake distribution if you want something fancier, and more industrial it is still best to get a professional to give your shop floor, basement, or garage an even, long-lasting coat of epoxy. They have the knowledge and equipment to give an epoxy coating to residential garage floors safely and smoothly.

5. How Long Until I Get my Garage back?

The exact curing time of your floor will depend on the square foot measurements and the brand of epoxy. It may also depend on how humid the air is. But, as a rule of thumb, your epoxy floor will be dry 12 hours after installation, and you will be able to walk on it the next day. You should be able to put things back in your garage after two days. In most cases, your epoxy floor will not be truly finished until 7 days have passed, so you may wish to set aside a week, just in case.

6. How Will the Final Garage Floor Coating Look?

We offer many attractive floor finishes for your epoxy garage floor coating. Our garage floor coating options include different colours, flakes, and mineral mica powders for a bit of glitter. No matter what variety of garage floors you want, we can make it!

Contact the Trusted Garage Floor Coating Company

At Canadian Concrete Surfaces, Inc., we want to answer all your questions before you get any garage floor coating installation. Epoxy is an affordable solution for many garage flooring problems. We offer many stunning colours and work on both residential and commercial properties. If you need garage floor concrete repair or concrete polishing before a coat of epoxy, we can do that as well.

Epoxy Concrete Flooring Contractor Estimates

Once the repairs are done, we will get to work on your solid epoxy floor. Contact us today to begin your journey toward a beautiful floor with a custom design! We are the top rated garage floor coating company for the Windsor-Essex area.

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